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Political Hate Rhetoric Was Started by Liberals in 2004

Time to visit these thoughts again, since  “The proof is in the pudding”. Posted first in 2011, then 2013, then 2017, time to revisit in 2019 with some updates. Just change the words ‘liberal/liberals’ to ‘Democrats’ in your mind. Is it time to charge presiding Democrats with Hate Crimes against President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh?  This writer thinks so… charges of slander, harassment and frivolous lawsuits ? Might there also be additional charges stemming from 2004 when these books were marketed?

hate 5         Hate Speech here?   hatered fed by liberals

hate 3  Harassment? Slander?hate 2

It is Possible and Probable that these are all  Precursors to today’s violence.  Instilling hatred incites hate crime, Creating civil unrest is accessory before the facts, ,…  you name it…  if racism is pitting hatred against one group of people, then this falls into that category. These books spew hatred towards Conservatism and Capitalism. Do we recall when the Obama Administration singled out Conservative and Religious groups for severe and uncalled for tax audits?  Group hatred perpetrated  If Democrats get even more power they will, in turn, pass this instilled habit of hatred upon the commoner, you and me, the tax payer, just as Walmart shoppers have already been belittled by them.  This campaign for hatred was marketed in ’04, as evidenced by these books and publishers.  They began without much opposition and now don’t know how to stop. Voters: Be forewarned.  Be forewarned before we become the only group left for them to target with their hatred. They can be expected to look down on voters who support them, for being stupid enough to let them take all our money through 90% taxes, while they live in walled mansions (Pelosi) and possibly Cuomo in NY, while they toss a few small crumbs of our own money back at us. Pelosi is not seen as doing even that for the homeless on the other side of her walls. Forewarned is forearmed.

Look, Listen & Think

It appears that the liberal controlled media are guilty of flame throwing at the right; remember it is the liberal democrats who a few years back put out the books; who planted seeds of hate speech with multiple relentless hate campaigns with the word “hate” in the titles:

The titles of those books by liberals guilty of planting seeds of hate and blame are:  The I HATE SERIES:   I HATE : Coulter; O’Reilly; Limbaugh, M.Savitch; Ashcroft; Condie Rice; The Hannity Reader; published by Thunders Mouth Press, and Da Capo Press, edited by Clint Willis.  Gee, the name Clint Willis has a familiar ring to it – could it possibly sound like Clinton, William?  These books were not published by the Right Wing.  The liberals initiated and publicized the mind set of hate.   These book were found in Barnes and Noble in ’04 and may still be found on the internet.

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  • By Mary A LaClair           

337 words

It is unique that the same article would appear on both sites. This article is an exception and will appear on both sites this one time.

In 2010 (Nov 9, 2010) on the site, the HAVE ILLEGAL ALIENS FILLED THE GAP LEFT BY AMERICAN ABORTIONS? article was posted … and is still available there.

In 2012 (March 31,2012) on the site, the SELECTIVE DESTRUCTION and REPLACEMENT article was posted … and is still available there.

In 2019 (Oct. 27, 2018) on THE PROVERBS120COLUMN.NET site, the CAN WE ACTUALLY ABORT A NATION OUT OF EXISTENCE? Article was posted … and is still available there.

Democrats Hillary Clinton and NYS Gov. Cuomo have said it’s alright to murder young Americans even as they are being born:

“Opponents — including President Donald Trump, who referenced the law in his State of the Union address — say it goes well beyond that and legalizes late-term abortions until the moment of birth. “ Democrat & Chronicle Feb 1, 2 019

However; Selective destruction of Americans and replacement of Americans by illegals will no longer be a tax payer priority in America thanks to an administration which loves America and loves Americans and practices not-so-common Common Sense !

On Friday (Feb. 22, 2019) “President Trump issued a final ruling that bars health care providers that accept funding from making any abortion referrals or performing abortions – regardless of the funding source – at the same facilities where they provide Title X services like birth control, mammograms and cancer screenings.” (from 2/23/19)

Further: “The Trump Administration issued a rule that clinics must maintain a “clear physical and financial separation” between services funded by the government and any organization that provides abortion or abortion referrals.  Health and Human Services department officials have said they were necessary to ensure transparency and the legal and ethical use of taxpayer funds.” (The Washington Post 2/23/19)


What? Abortion doesn’t hinder responsibility? It avoids it!

What? Abortion doesn’t hinder responsibility?? It avoids it !!


This is good! Sounds like she wants men to share that responsibility instead of getting out of it through abortion.



                                                                                                                                      – end –

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  —  Mary A LaClair

780 words.

It was 11:00 at night and the nurses were changing shifts in labor and delivery. They had been attentive to me in labor for hours, but suddenly I had been left alone.  I hear them together outside in the hall:  “Come on, ‘ya gotta tell me, how was your date tonight? What’s he like? Where’d you go, what’d you do? Did you like him, would you go out with him again?”

As a mother about to deliver, I should not be alone in the room:  “Oh, here’s another contraction….oooooww,

WHERE IS that nurse nursenow??!!

They are NOT updating each other on conditions of patients and states of delivery as they should be at shift change. They are updating on date night instead!! This baby may drop on the floor. They are needed in HERE! I have to go out in the hall to chastise all of them; however I am unable to move and have lost any bell button.

hospital bed

Suddenly I’m in the air looking down and see a woman twisting in pain on a bed.  “Oh, my, that looks like me in that bed, but I don’t feel the pain up here in the air. I’m going into the hall and reprimand those nurses for their lack of attention to their work and to their patients.  Ok, goody, I get to go through a wall!”

“You can’t, you don’t have your glorified body yet, you must go through the doorway.”

I go through the doorway, floating high in the air, hovering over and behind the group of nurses socializing at their station in the hall.

Scolding them I say: “What are you doing out here? There is a woman about to deliver in that room right there. You shouldn’t be talking about date night, the last shift should be updating the new shift about the current conditions of each patient.”

One nurse looks behind her and exclaims: “Hey, where did that voice come from?” They turn, see nothing and see no one.

Several nurses run into the room, and bells, whistles and alarms go off, everyone comes running.

nurse frantic

Each starts scolding the other, followed by  “Get the doctor, quick!”  …“Hold it” one snaps to me. At that moment, my spirit ZAPPS back into my body. I feel as if my spirit has suddenly had a lead weight attached to it. The doctor who answers the alarm says, “Don’t you EVER tell one of my patients to ‘hold’ it, EVER again!  Do you hear me! Where were you, why wasn’t someone on watch here?”

“It was change of shifts.”

“That is NO excuse, you cover for each other until the next arrives! And do NOT leave these patients alone. DO you hear me?!?”

This child has grown up and become a successful professional.  We are very grateful for that.

baby newborn   engineer

 But let’s not miss other spiritual lessons here:


The spirit is separate from the body. The spirit is able to communicate to the natural world without being seen. We, however, are not to communicate with spirits. We should use discernment when listening to unknown voices, not all voices are good ones.

There is more to this world than meets the eye.

We ARE spirit, we live in a body, and we have a soul. It was my soul, I believe, which directed my spirit to correct and exhort the young nurses.

We WILL receive a glorified body …someday.

In extremely painful situations God is able to separate spirit from pain. Why doesn’t He do this all the time? I don’t know.

Do you have a loved one killed in an accident? Picture God taking the spirit home before the pain hits. There have been numerous stories where those who’ve survived trauma have told of looking down on their own bodies. I’m saying, “It IS possible…” because it happened to me.

As Jesus is, so shall we be. Jesus’ Spirit is separated from His body, as ours will be. His Holy Spirit is in the world today. He sees all, knows all. His Spirit is real. Just as our spirit is real. Our spirit goes on living even after our bodies die. (absent from the body, present with the Lord.) The Lord was present: It was He who told me that I couldn’t go through the wall…

The spirit is separate from the body. The spirit is able to communicate to the natural world without being seen. We, however, are not to communicate with spirits. We should use discernment when listening to unknown voices, not all voices are good ones.

There is more to this world than meets the eye.

There is more to this world, and more to life and death, than meets the eye.

people floating

 “What a friend we have in Jesus!”   He is alive and in the world today. Start talking to Him as friend. He answers to the Name of Jesus; He also answers to the title “LORD”.


 Jesus on water









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Pakistan: Friend or Foe?


When did you buy towels last?  Look to see where they are made. If they are made in Pakistan, I walk away and leave them in the store.                 towels 1   towels 2

It is possible to find towels and sheets made in INDIA, they are a Democracy at least, and don’t harbor terrorists who are set on destroying Americans and America.

I have a question:  Does the USA send cotton and textiles to Pakistan so they can make towels which they sell back to us?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Rand Paul is right.  And, I believe he and Trump know what they are doing.

UPDATE:  A source for MADE IN USA TOWELS just came in !!  ( 1/16/2018)

Thank you to the sender!  —-

Click on MORE for the information on MADE IN USA TOWELS: 



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A Forward Worth the Read: from THE MARSHALL REPORT


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How To  Properly Solve The Health Insurance Quandary

                                         investigator                                   – Mary Adele LaClair


Does our car insurance pay for oil changes, lube jobs, paint, routine repairs, changing tires?  No.          car repair

Does our home owners insurance pay for re-painting the living room, porch, repair downspouts, fix leaks in the sink, replace a toilet or pave the driveway?  No.  repair man

All of the above are all out-of-pocket expenses even though we pay for insurance.

Car insurance and home insurances are intended for catastrophic events, accidents, unforeseen big events like floods, if you have flood insurance, tornadoes, etc.

Health insurance should operate just the same as other insurances. Health insurance had no problems when it operated that way in the past.  Problems came when some individuals were not thankful that they had no catastrophic events and wanted their money back by having insurance pay for office visits. Those with misguided compassion allowed healthy people to claim regular check-up’s, minor repairs, and office calls on insurance. dr OKThis encouraged greed at the bottom level and overcrowded the system: enter idea of co-pay.

Health insurance should NOT cover routine office visits. Office visits should be no different from car and home maintenance. THIS would fix the health care system. Health insurance should cover only NEEDED surgeries and prolonged stays in recuperative care centers.   Note, sex re-identification and other optional surgeries should not be covered by insurance, nor paid for by states for those incarcerated, as happened in California.

Many medical expenses necessary to a civil society could be lowered drastically.  For instance, too many college professors think they are the smartest people in the world but they are NOT.  Cutting college expenses and student loan debt for doctors and nurses, (well, for EVERYONE but we’re talking health care here) will enable young people to have out-of-pocket money for medical visits. We need to stop getting people so heavily indebted to government. This could be done by putting college professors on a more realistically moderate pay scale and by not making college textbooks so sinfully high priced.   college booksWe need to eliminate greed in America and it needs to start at the top.  greedtaj mahalMany college campuses are very high end and the youth are bearing this burden on their backs for years. This should not be. Cutting educational expenses would enable medical professionals to cut their prices to the point that patients could pay reasonable costs and not need insurance for routine maintenance. This alone will go a long way to fixing the health insurance problem. Government is not God and should stop trying to act like a god to everyone.

This four minute youtube video from Prager University says it well: