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God By Any Other Name Is Not Allah


–  Mary A . LaClair

“…because he has known My name.  He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;…..”  Psalm 91:14

It was my good fortune to make friends with some East Indian ladies some thirty five years ago. One was a young bride.  Our children were small and we had good times together.

This time period in my life just happened to be the time when I was discovering the Risen Christ.  I exhibited the exuberant joy which comes from finding out that the Creator of the Universe knows my name.  (…and where I live and the thoughts I think)!

The Indian lady, another American friend, and I discussed God on many occasions.  She showed us her cupboard where she kept her gods and incense and said she spent one whole afternoon each week in front of that cupboard in devotion and prayer to her many gods.

The exuberance deep in my spirit with the Divine Revleation that Jesus Christ is God made flesh, showed itself freely.

When another East Indian lady came to the small rural village we were two American women and two Indian women. They came to some of our Bible studies. One of their favorite statements was, “We worship the creator – he knows we pray to him, and because he knows we talk to him, it doesn’t matter what we call him.”

One of these ladies repeated this and the Lord gave me the answer. I know the Holy Spirit was behind the words because they came out in a tone which was non-challenging, but matter-of-fact.  It is an answer which I have used many times since.  The new foreigner had an East Indian name which was hard to pronounce and much harder to remember. I had been looking for an opportunity to tell her that we needed to come up with a short American name, one which was easy for us. So, when she said it did not matter what she called god as long as he knew she was talking to him, I spoke.

“OK,” I said softly, “now we would like to call you ‘Connie’ because it is easier for us. You will know we are talking to you. Connie will be your Americanized name and you and all of us here know it’s you.”   Other ladies in the room unanimously agreed that Connie was a fitting American, name relatively close to her East Indian name of Kanak.  It was agreed that we would all call her Connie.

Well, guess what?  She emphatically said,  “NO!, that is not my name.”

“Well,” I ask, “what difference does it make? Because I am looking right at you. We all agreed. You know I’m talking to you. What difference does it make what name we call you as long as you know we want to talk to you? What difference does it make what name we use, as long as we know who we are talking to?

“I will NOT answer to Connie, that is NOT my name!” To say that her statement was firm would be an underestimation. Her tone was indignant.

“Ah, then you have just proven that using the correct name makes a difference, yes?”

I have since used the same approach with a man who said God was God and it didn’t matter what we called Him, Allah, Budda or Krishna; funny thing, Jim wouldn’t answer when I called him “Bill” during the course of that evening.  He was even more put out than my lady friend; and he wouldn’t let it go.

Will a dignitary feel any less put out if called by the wrong name?  Will you? Will God?

Radical Islam has associated the name allah with death and terrorism. This is why people of the west say allah is not God. Through death and destruction they obey their allah, and thus reveal their allah, their god as the evil one, the devil, satan, the great destroyer.

God by any other name is NOT always God. The Spanish may use El Senior; the French, Deiu; the Germans, Gott and the Arabs, Allah. Actually each is simply a generic term until they are asked to name their god.

“For this reason God  highly exalted him, and gave him a name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow – in heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth — and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.”  Philippians 2:9-11

“…because he has known My name.  He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;…”   Psalm 91:14

    “Blessed is the Nation whose God is the LORD.”  Psalm 33:12

No Large Mosque Here, Anywhere

When Obama campaigned, and also as President early on, he did not wear a flag pin nor salute the American flag, and when questioned it was reported that his response was, “it might offend someone.”    (recently he has been seen wearing the pin – so pressuring him has results)

  “The O” did not take part in the National Day of Prayer at the White House; his response was the same, “It might offend some people.”  Who was (is?) he afraid of offending, Muslims? !!?

However it was reported that he both welcomed, and took part in, a Ramadan celebration at or near the White House.  Was he afraid of offending anyone then?    Nah…  

Some people don’t want to see Manger scenes at Christmas, and only want ‘holiday songs’, not Christmas carols sung in school.  

Partiality for others is becoming unbalanced.  No Mosque unless they build a similar one for Christians, and a similar one for Jews. This is the very thinking which is said is being used regarding right wing broadcasts like FOX and Limbaugh.  It’s time to turn and use the leftist thinking back on the leftists.

WE ARE OFFENDED at Muslims worshipping in streets of NYC, to the point that traffic is stopped or re-routed, photos which I recently saw on the net. The pictures were taken at 42nd St & Madison Ave, with other events reported at 94th St & 3rd Ave, Friday’s between 2-4PM. If no crèche is allowed on Government lawns – then no worshipping allah in government streets or on government property.  Public areas must remain neutral.  “Someone might be offended,” to quote the “O”.  And, YES, we ARE offended, Mr. “O”. 

If this great offense to, and violation of, neutrality is not rapidly corrected, Americans will soon be seen as not just weak, but stupid and gullible, if not already.  Our objections must be loud, long and effectual.  Anarchy and freedom are NOT synonymous, and it’s time the Muslims knew the difference.

Where has our freedom of choice gone?  Our choice is NOT to have Muslims on prayer rugs worshipping in streets.   

Christianity is not a door-mat religion.  When I became a Christian I was given the ability to say NO to a lot of things.  When we lose our freedom to say NO, we have lost our freedom. 

Would you allow a neighbor with disagreeable relatives to put his large screen TV in your house? I believe that the Freedoms of the USA are for its citizens and its residents; not for the foreign powers funding the Mosque in question. If citizens or residents want to finance small mosques in their own communities, that’s different from a $100M mosque with questionable financing from abroad.

When we lose the ability to say NO, we have lost our freedom. The large $100M Mosque should not be here at all, anywhere.  And we don’t need a reason to say NO, although there are plenty of reasons.

Prior Post is to Support Families; not Wal-Mart in General

ADDENDUM: As far as Wal-Mart in general is concerned, I do not like all the products from China – I dont like finding food products like potato chips which come from Mexico and candy, gum or seafood from China. I do not shop there unless absolutely necessary. Id rather pay a little more to support the competition than let Wal-Mart get bigger. Also, Ive seen and heard too many complaints about questionable practices employed by Wal-Mart executives for me to support the stores.

What I am simply intending to state is that I believe men or women supporting children deserve to be paid a living wage, even if that means that a single worker with no dependants is paid less for the same job.

A single person should have more time to develop their talents and paying hobbies if they want more money to buy nicer things. A lot of family folk are already having to do this.

My original post is to support families, not to support Wal-Mart. Just want to make that clear.

Workers vs Wal-Mart

                                                  WORKERS VS WAL-MART   2010

                                                                                               –  Mary A. LaClair

Wal-Mart was originated to be a family friendly store.  I agree that a man with a family to support SHOULD earn MORE for the same job as a single person, female or male.

Society needs more stay-at-home moms.  Legitimate parents should not have to struggle to put a roof over children’s heads, food on their table, clothes on their back shoes on their feet, and struggle to keep them in computers, cell phones and school; while most m., f., glbt., single persons live in extravagance, very often disgusting extravagance, for doing the same job.   In effect, parents should not be punished for having children. Wal-Mart’s contribution to a decent growing society is recognized by their policies towards parents. 

If Wal-Mart, or any other employer, chooses to be ‘family friendly’ and make themselves known as such at the time of hiring, the choice is theirs.  Or will that freedom be eroded by the Supreme Court?    The single employee who accepts those terms upon acceptance of the job has no gripe.  They are being paid a living wage; just as the parent is being paid a living wage.  Employers should not be obligated to support debauchery in singles.

Should these complainers be like some foreigners who come to the U.S. for our style of life and then try to change that style of life to that of the country which they left?   I don’t think so!  They know what they are getting themselves in for when they move to this country or take a Wal-Mart job.  America: Like it or leave it.  Wal-Mart: Like it or leave it.

 There is a Scriptural parable of the hired workers which I think relates to the matter at hand. It is the one where the workers hired at the 11th hour received the same pay as those hired in the 1st and the 3rd and the 6th hour; of course the first workers hired by the job then wanted to be paid by the hours; call it equal pay for equal time; but the Master says:  “Is this not what you agreed to when you accepted the job as it was offered?”   Jesus made sure everyone had a living wage.  He goes on to explain it this way:  “Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things or is your eye evil because I am good?”

Single workers who want more money are like the first workers hired in the parable related in the Good Book in Matthew chapter twenty. 

I think the root of the matter is deciding between need and want; and, being grateful that needs are met – whether that need is for a single person or a family of six.   Let not the eye be evil for goodness to family providers.                    **