Workers vs Wal-Mart

                                                  WORKERS VS WAL-MART   2010

                                                                                               –  Mary A. LaClair

Wal-Mart was originated to be a family friendly store.  I agree that a man with a family to support SHOULD earn MORE for the same job as a single person, female or male.

Society needs more stay-at-home moms.  Legitimate parents should not have to struggle to put a roof over children’s heads, food on their table, clothes on their back shoes on their feet, and struggle to keep them in computers, cell phones and school; while most m., f., glbt., single persons live in extravagance, very often disgusting extravagance, for doing the same job.   In effect, parents should not be punished for having children. Wal-Mart’s contribution to a decent growing society is recognized by their policies towards parents. 

If Wal-Mart, or any other employer, chooses to be ‘family friendly’ and make themselves known as such at the time of hiring, the choice is theirs.  Or will that freedom be eroded by the Supreme Court?    The single employee who accepts those terms upon acceptance of the job has no gripe.  They are being paid a living wage; just as the parent is being paid a living wage.  Employers should not be obligated to support debauchery in singles.

Should these complainers be like some foreigners who come to the U.S. for our style of life and then try to change that style of life to that of the country which they left?   I don’t think so!  They know what they are getting themselves in for when they move to this country or take a Wal-Mart job.  America: Like it or leave it.  Wal-Mart: Like it or leave it.

 There is a Scriptural parable of the hired workers which I think relates to the matter at hand. It is the one where the workers hired at the 11th hour received the same pay as those hired in the 1st and the 3rd and the 6th hour; of course the first workers hired by the job then wanted to be paid by the hours; call it equal pay for equal time; but the Master says:  “Is this not what you agreed to when you accepted the job as it was offered?”   Jesus made sure everyone had a living wage.  He goes on to explain it this way:  “Is it not lawful for me to do what I wish with my own things or is your eye evil because I am good?”

Single workers who want more money are like the first workers hired in the parable related in the Good Book in Matthew chapter twenty. 

I think the root of the matter is deciding between need and want; and, being grateful that needs are met – whether that need is for a single person or a family of six.   Let not the eye be evil for goodness to family providers.                    **

2 thoughts on “Workers vs Wal-Mart

  1. Connie

    Mary, I agree. I wrote something awhile back called ‘would you’? I explored this concept of getting into something knowing full well then trying to change it to mold it to yourself at the expense or sacrifice of the majority. Would you move to India as a Christian American and then try to get them NOT to put that dot on their foreheads because it annoys you. Duh NO! Would YOU as a Christian American go to a Muslim nation and petition them to stop the call to prayer because it infringes on your rights several times a day? Heck NO! And honestly would either country even entertain your request…again , HECK NO! So why is America constantly asked to set aside their policies, traditions or religious freedoms to ACCOMODATE people who move here Knowing full well what our customs/beliefs are. Or they take a job to work 8 hours a day in a company that doesn’t have a “prayer room” then demand for their 3 a day time off for mandatory prayer with pay and for the company to build them a room where they can practice their customs. I just don’t get it. I’ve tried and I don’t understand…It is not that I don’t LOVE…I just don’t understand…


    1. mlaclair Post author

      Thanks Connie for your comments. They are great!
      We can love without approving of everything people do. We love our children but we never approve of everything they do. We can’t.
      Love and forgiveness do not mean approval. Some people get that mixed up too many times.
      When I became a Christian I was given the ability to say NO to a lot of things; and more Christians need to utilize the power to say NO! Don’cha think? Again, thanks for your comments.
      The Church has a duty to influence the world, not let the world influence them, and I think that too many Christians today are letting non-Christians define their Christianity for them; when Christ and the Good Book are the only things that are able to define true Christianity, not the opinions of mis-guided worldly critics. Again, thanks for your comments.



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