Prior Post is to Support Families; not Wal-Mart in General

ADDENDUM: As far as Wal-Mart in general is concerned, I do not like all the products from China – I dont like finding food products like potato chips which come from Mexico and candy, gum or seafood from China. I do not shop there unless absolutely necessary. Id rather pay a little more to support the competition than let Wal-Mart get bigger. Also, Ive seen and heard too many complaints about questionable practices employed by Wal-Mart executives for me to support the stores.

What I am simply intending to state is that I believe men or women supporting children deserve to be paid a living wage, even if that means that a single worker with no dependants is paid less for the same job.

A single person should have more time to develop their talents and paying hobbies if they want more money to buy nicer things. A lot of family folk are already having to do this.

My original post is to support families, not to support Wal-Mart. Just want to make that clear.

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