No Large Mosque Here, Anywhere

When Obama campaigned, and also as President early on, he did not wear a flag pin nor salute the American flag, and when questioned it was reported that his response was, “it might offend someone.”    (recently he has been seen wearing the pin – so pressuring him has results)

  “The O” did not take part in the National Day of Prayer at the White House; his response was the same, “It might offend some people.”  Who was (is?) he afraid of offending, Muslims? !!?

However it was reported that he both welcomed, and took part in, a Ramadan celebration at or near the White House.  Was he afraid of offending anyone then?    Nah…  

Some people don’t want to see Manger scenes at Christmas, and only want ‘holiday songs’, not Christmas carols sung in school.  

Partiality for others is becoming unbalanced.  No Mosque unless they build a similar one for Christians, and a similar one for Jews. This is the very thinking which is said is being used regarding right wing broadcasts like FOX and Limbaugh.  It’s time to turn and use the leftist thinking back on the leftists.

WE ARE OFFENDED at Muslims worshipping in streets of NYC, to the point that traffic is stopped or re-routed, photos which I recently saw on the net. The pictures were taken at 42nd St & Madison Ave, with other events reported at 94th St & 3rd Ave, Friday’s between 2-4PM. If no crèche is allowed on Government lawns – then no worshipping allah in government streets or on government property.  Public areas must remain neutral.  “Someone might be offended,” to quote the “O”.  And, YES, we ARE offended, Mr. “O”. 

If this great offense to, and violation of, neutrality is not rapidly corrected, Americans will soon be seen as not just weak, but stupid and gullible, if not already.  Our objections must be loud, long and effectual.  Anarchy and freedom are NOT synonymous, and it’s time the Muslims knew the difference.

Where has our freedom of choice gone?  Our choice is NOT to have Muslims on prayer rugs worshipping in streets.   

Christianity is not a door-mat religion.  When I became a Christian I was given the ability to say NO to a lot of things.  When we lose our freedom to say NO, we have lost our freedom. 

Would you allow a neighbor with disagreeable relatives to put his large screen TV in your house? I believe that the Freedoms of the USA are for its citizens and its residents; not for the foreign powers funding the Mosque in question. If citizens or residents want to finance small mosques in their own communities, that’s different from a $100M mosque with questionable financing from abroad.

When we lose the ability to say NO, we have lost our freedom. The large $100M Mosque should not be here at all, anywhere.  And we don’t need a reason to say NO, although there are plenty of reasons.

3 thoughts on “No Large Mosque Here, Anywhere

  1. Verne

    I would like to see a Christian church built in Mecca. Would muslims object? Would Christians stand by the fact that Mohammad was a prophet; and that the primary objective of a prophet is to profess the coming of one that is greater than he? Would not a landmark that symbolizes the great I AM take precedence and demand respect by all?

    I don’t think even the corner stone could be placed without an uprising reminiscent of the pig killing in William Golding’s “Lord of the Flies”.

    America, through its misdirected legal system, has become too complacent, and too eager to “not upset” those that seek to change what We The People have established and fought to retain in the last 234 years.

    America is melting pot, not a glop pot. It’s time responsible citizens take a stand and demand a little house cleaning.


  2. Connie

    Well done. I have these sentiments and have said that I live in a country that has rolled over on tolerance to the point of being intolerant of MY religion. I am not saying to exclude Muslims or other religions, but if you want to talk about “equality” then why do I have to put my symbols, celebrations, culture on the shelf while EMBRACING others? Tolerance in America is definitely ONE sided.



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