Counter-culture activists back in the 1960’s spread the idea that normal and natural reproduction would create a population explosion that our land, and the world, could not handle. Environmentalists claimed there wouldn’t be enough trees to clean the air and provide fuel, or enough pasture land to feed the cattle and grow the crops necessary to feed growing populations.

                        At that time fear mongers even advocated that married couples limit offspring to three; two to replace themselves with only one to grow on, or as a spare. This is the type of thinking which I believe set the stage for decriminalizing abortion and homosexuality. We were to limit reproduction. We couldn’t risk becoming an over populated country like China, or like India with their opium dens of the ‘50’s.   

                        It is no longer speculation in the year 2010. The results are in. The false thinking has been exposed. Illegal immigration has brought into our country masses of foreign speaking people with no regard for our language or our society. Research shows that the number of rapidly increasing illegals is approaching, if not exceeding, the number of aborted Americans.  

                        And, would anyone be surprised that there ARE still enough trees to clean the air, with wood to burn for fuel, and there IS enough pasture land to feed the cattle and to grow the crops to feed the growing numbers.

                        Those fear-mongering activists in the 1960’s were wrong, but sadly, too many believed them. I wish that more of the faithful had applied to our then Christian Nation, the Biblical Scripture which says: “In a multitude of people is a king’s honor, But in the lack of people is the downfall of a prince.” Proverbs 14:28 NKJ

                        A group called Californians for Population Stabilization contends “California is no longer able to absorb a constant flow of immigrants and still maintain a decent quality of life for its residents.” They released a report in Jan. ‘08 with studies which estimated there were from 20 million to 38 million illegal immigrants in the United States at that time. (www.cap-s.org – facts-immigration)

                        “While various sources place the number of abortions anywhere between 40-48 million, the centers for Disease Control and Prevention would approximate the number of abortions performed since 1973 to be 40,944,029.”  Source; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Abortion Surveillance – United States 2003 Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report Volume 55, o.ss-11 November 24, 2006.

                        What lesson could we learn from this?  Beware of activists, even politicians, who cry ‘no more status quo’. We can beware the ‘counter culture’, even those who peddle ‘hope’, thus implying there is no current hope. It is obvious from this study that God sees further into the future than we do. Will we believe hype again?  And will we become exiles in our own land?

                        Aborted Americans: 40 Million. Illegal immigrants in America: 38 Million and growing.

                        Back in 1642 Sir Thomas Browne wrote:  

“But how shall we expect charity towards others, when we are uncharitable to ourselves? Charity begins at home*, is the voice of the world; yet is every man his greatest enemy, and, as it were, his own executioner.”   

– Religiio Medici 1642 pt 1 sec 1.  *1 Timothy 5:4

                        The question is now: Will we let illegals out-multiply us as we overspend and borrow to give charity to them? Or, will our government believe that charity begins at home?

                        There is simply no substitute for an educated, Godly populace.  Would be that is what we were back in the 1960’s; would be that that is what we would be now.

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