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Boss or Leader?

It’s pretty safe in judging where a certain feeling was coming from by asking oneself if they thought they were ‘being led’ or ‘being driven’. “You see the enemy will ‘drive’ us. The Lord will ‘lead’ us.”
Leading actually gives the other the choice of whether to follow. Continue reading

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There will be dogs (and cats) at peace in heaven, who will neither harm nor destroy, just as the lion and the lamb. Our dogs and other pets who have been more loyal and obedient to the voice of the Lord in the here and now, and more loving to others in this world than possibly we ourselves have been, do have a place in the more perfect world to come. Scripture reveals it.

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PEDDLING MILQUE TOAST CHRISTIANITY TO YOUTH WHO NEED MORE – M. LaClair I want to use your house telephone to call my parents in Arizona,” called the strange youth from across the road. “Yeah, sure, are you crazy or what?”, … Continue reading

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“…And Subdue the Earth”

…And Subdue the Earth By Mary A. LaClair OK, so I’ve been trapping invading mice, chipmunks and those destructive red squirrels. My Grand-daughter asked, “Gram, you’re killing some of God’s creatures?” As an adolescent, she must have been brainwashed by … Continue reading

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