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U.S. Muslims, Mosques, Voting Results, Camels and Tents

America was founded and established as a refuge for people being oppressed and persecuted by the laws in their own countries. America is NOT founded for the purpose of establishing the laws of other countries here on this soil. When your religius laws contradict ur National laws, our National laws will rule. Period. Continue reading

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A Quote from George Orwell

“WE HAVE SUNK TO SUCH DEPTHS THAT RESTATEMENT OF THE OBVIOUS IS THE DUTY OF INTELLIGENT MAN.”  – George Orwell      (or woman)!      Scroll down for newer posts. This quote will remain on top for awhile longer, as I think we … Continue reading

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Separation of Church and State Does Not Mean Separation of God and Country

Church is not God. God is not church. Separation of church and state does NOT mean separation of God and Country. Our forefathers may have clearly intended not to support Methodists over Presbyterians, but they certainly did not intend separation of God and Country. Rather, they knew that the joining of God and Country would be the ingredient to make, and to keep, this Nation great. America, Bless God – then God, Bless America. Continue reading

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