350 words                                             – by Mary A. LaClair

             Adam and Eve were consenting adults. It is surmised that Eve made the suggestion to Adam and they agreed together to eat forbidden fruit.  The fact that they consented in marital agreement to the deed did not exonerate either of them and it was not a suitable excuse for either Adam or Eve to avoid punishment. Some men use this as an excuse to not listen to their wives because they think it was she who got the man to do wrong. They each paid separately. The lasting punishment for their agreement to sin is listed in Scriptures. But Satan tempts men equally also.

God knows how to balance things out. And the tide is turned in the New Testament where we find another example of consenting adults, husband and wife, with both of them going astray, but this time it is the husband who listens to Satan and is the tempter, and not Eve. It is he who leads her astray.

In Scriptures, in the New Testament Book of Acts chapter 5, verses 1-11 is the story of Ananias and Sapphira. Verse three states it was the husband this time who listened to Satan and made the suggestion to the wife. He made sure ahead of time that they would back each other up in ‘their little white lie.’ There would have been no problem if they had been honest, because people were giving only what they were freely willing to give. But it seems that these two feared public opinion more than God and they held themselves out to be something they were not. They connived and they contrived together.

The man was confronted first, apart from his wife. Each in their turn was struck dead. The fact that they consented in marital agreement to the deed did not exonerate either one of them, neither did it free either from lasting punishment. They each paid separately.

Equally, some women will be required to not listen to husbands when they are being coerced into something immoral. Let’s do away with the ‘Eve syndrome’, because God knows how to balance things out. Consenting adults means nothing.

More info on consenting adults may be found in the article “What Did Jesus Write In The Sand”


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