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“Government Handouts Are a Modern Form of Slavery”

“Government handouts is a modern form of slavery. The Republican value of minimizing government dependence is particularly beneficial to the poorest among us;

“Conversely, the Democrats appetite for ever-increasing re-distributionary handouts is, in fact, the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today and it does not promote economic freedom.” Continue reading

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A Quiz on “The Golden Rule”

A Quiz on “The Golden Rule”.

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Is It Possible To Abort A Nation Out of Existence?

The results are in. Illegal immigration brings into our country, foreign speaking people with no regard for legalities; and in numbers rapidly equaling that required to replace our own aborted Americans. Continue reading

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Is Gingrich Guilty of Double Standards?

In a refined debate, the two men on the end are far better competitors. Ron Paul has defused more than one hot argument. They are both squeaky clean. Maybe that’s why the press steers away from them; perhaps there is less fodder for yellow journalism both now and in the future? What a sad reason for letting the press influence us.
I believe God is looking to prove both His power and His desire to be involved in mankind’s affairs, with man’s approval. To say that we like Santorum but say also that we don’t think he could get elected is like the Israelites not going down to the Red Sea. If the Israelites did not go down to the Red Sea because they didn’t see a way to get across, we would not have seen the Red Sea parted.
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