“Government Handouts Are a Modern Form of Slavery”


“Government Handouts Are a Modern Form of Slavery”

       — quoted from African-American Allen West, Representative from Florida

Representative Allen West spoke on the House Floor:

“Government handouts is a modern form of slavery. The Republican value of minimizing government dependence is particularly beneficial to the poorest among us;

“Conversely, the Democrats appetite for ever-increasing re-distributionary handouts is, in fact, the most insidious form of slavery remaining in the world today and it does not promote economic freedom.”

On a 2/16/2012 Fox TV interview with Greta VanSustern he also discussed:  . Bob Johnson former head of BET said about failing urban centers: break the cycle of dependence and poverty. Provide incentive. There is a difference between dependence and opportunity. There is a difference between handouts and inspiring and giving opportunity. Urban employment zones need security because they are like combat zones.

West was born in what is now a poor section of Atlanta, Georgia.  He got out of the cycle of poverty, he said, because he had two parents in a military family background, he became part of the ROTC program and had a strong church environment.

Congressman West is a black African-American elected from Florida.

The interview may be seen by logging on to:


He quoted the former Daniel Patrick Moynihan in saying that the Government  record of rewarding young ladies having children out-of-wedlock is to have an initiative for the breakdown of family. The strength of black families was in the family unit. Now 65% to 75% of blacks do not have two parents.


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