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About the Obama contraceptive mandate or ‘non-reproduction’ mandate:
Note: Obama wants contraceptive mandate.
Note: Obama is also for health-care paying for abortions. Representative Joe Wilson yelled “YOU LIE!” when “O” tried to deny this fact.
Note: Obama is also for excessive rights for illegal aliens.
What many possibly do not know is that researched data estimates the ratio of illegal aliens to that of aborted  Americans at about 38M*:40M**
It appears to me that Obama is embarking upon his own style of ‘replacement theology’, or ‘selective destruction’. He may call it ‘preventative medicine’ —  but what it prevents is Americans.
It also appears to me that he wants to replace these Americans with foreigners with little regard for our laws.
How shocking to have to think this because of a voting record of an American President.

  *Californians for Population Stabilization (
    **Centers for  Disease Control and Prevention: Abortion Surveillance     – US 2003 Morbidity & Mortality, Week 17 Report Vol 55,     November 24, 2006