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Moe-Town in Ferguson


– by Mary A. LaClair

Who is going to want to re-open a business in Moe-Town anymore? After effectively destroying their own shopping district, WHERE will Ferguson Missouri protesters buy their groceries and cigarillos, and what white person will want to see colored even come into their stores elsewhere because of the violence and hatred in which they seem to take pride over this ?

If these protesters are trying to show that Michael Brown was “one of us”, they certainly are doing a really good job.

They have become defiant and violent beyond reason, yet they want people to think Brown wasn’t acting defiant and violent toward law enforcement? They are willingly and loudly declaring he was one of them and of their ilk; therefore, to me, they are, in effect, convicting him, by association with their actions. Case closed.

I say that Law Enforcement wouldn’t ‘target’ black children if blacks taught their 18 year old ‘children’ not to steal, and taught them to respect the law. But this teaching needs to begin at age 6-7-8 years old.

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People are often judged by who their friends are; these uncontrollable people are ‘friends’ of Brown? Then many will judge Brown by them.

Do the protesters want the nation to believe that Michael was NOT aggressive and threatening to the officer of the law??? If Brown learned from the sort of violent comments made by his step-father, that question has its answer.

My aged father often said: “A nut doesn’t’ fall far from the tree.”

Think of the example which adults are sending youth by these demonstrations. In the face of riotous damage and destruction of property of others, it is no wonder some young adults could actually think that robbing a store and threatening a cop should be overlooked. I’ve not once heard protestors say Brown’s actions were wrong and threatening.

If Michael Brown were a double amputee then, and only then, perhaps the term ‘unarmed’ would be totally correct; but let there be no misgivings: strong armed people are still able to kill with bare hands.

Am I to believe this strong 6’2” man was a ‘child’? Some reports said he was 280 pounds and 6’6″.

If Ferguson demonstrators are the people teaching their young, and make no mistake, they are now teaching their young to be even more violent and that ‘any behavior goes’; but will they claim injustice still again when future generations follow the example being set on November 24-25, 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri?

Perhaps the ratio of black and white prisoners is directly comparable to the ratio of black and white criminals in these scenes broadcast across the Nation at this hour. Burning and looting property belonging to others is criminal behavior.

Ferguson riot

Does this crowd really think that they and their young are never, ever wrong? Where is the plethora of black spokesmen, or even mothers, better yet fathers, who will say, ‘maybe this time my baby was wrong’ ?

The burning and looting of Ferguson seems to send the message that these particular demonstrators, both black and white, think that being out of control, burning and looting of what belongs to others is alright; whether or not they intend to send that message, that IS the message being sent and that IS the message being received. How could they expect us to think their young are so much better than the example these demonstrators have given the world now? Did whites lose control and riot like this when O.J. was released? NO!

Perhaps these protesters will all have to go to downtown Detroit now buy their groceries, cigars, skittles and AriZona Watermelon Juice Cocktail since they’ve burned out all their own local stores– Oh, but wait, that city has already been effectively devastated by people who plunder and destroy through defiance and lack of self control. Perhaps police in St. Louis will take arrested protesters and release them in Detroit?

“As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.” Be careful, friends of Michael, how you bend the twigs of your upcoming generations.

I heard a black preacher say something like: ‘All our Kin are not kin under the skin’.

Apparently even stores operated by ‘kin’ have been destroyed, most of whom probably trusted their own people enough to stay open and stay safe.

Video of destruction by violent black supporters:

I’d like to ask owners if they think that trust in their own has been well placed, if they are still around. Better yet, ask former businessmen from Detroit.

My aged father had another warning: “Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.”

I don’t think plunderers even know the meaning of that one. But then, it all goes back to “the nut doesn’t fall far from the tree, in this case, far from the forest…”

Charles R. Patrick, a brother, gives black people advice on how to prevent Treyvon and Michael Brown incidents in America…. PLEASE TAKE FIVE MINUTES TO L ISTEN TO HIS SAGE ADVICE TO THE BLACK BROTHERS, you will cheer him on without any doubts. I’d like to see him as a guest on / Hannity / O’Reilly / Huckabee T.V. You can see him here, first. Click the link below:    C.R.Patrick link

Further consideration from a black preacher who cites much black on black crime declaring it is not racial; and details that:

it is NOT a matter of SKIN, but a matter of SIN – Click here to see his commentary.

(P.S. Yes, sadly, it should  not, but police brutality does exist, but NOT in THIS case! They should learn to pick their battles if they expect proper recognition.

One would think that proper demonstrations might better fit the incident of the big guy with the issue of cigarette tax, taken down by a gang of four or more NYC cops.

However, demonstrations in that NYC case did NOT take place like this, because those people know destruction is NOT the way to get favored results, they feel they have right on their side there, and I hope favorable results are found in what appears to be an actual brutality case there. However the Brown Case and the Treyvon cases are not.)

Thanks also for viewing the facebook link (above)  to Charles R. Patrick.

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