Society1— Mary A. LaClair

 Have you noticed?

1) People against capital punishment are often for abortion?

2) People against abortion are often for capital punishment?

On the face, it seems these statements contradict themselves. Yet, most people will agree with either the first or the second–  in its entirety.

A roaring liberal once attempted to confuse a conservative by asking how they could favor capital punishment and still claim to be against abortion. The answer seems simple to me.

They did not think capital punishment respected life; however, others think that it is abortion which does not respect life.

Are people actually contradicting themselves?Who%20knows%20Man%20shrugging%20his%20shoulders%20wearing%20a%20Q

Not if you look at it this way.

I feel one group is for the destruction of a civil society; one group is for the preservation of a civil society.

Observation: those against capital punishment are often the same ones against the public display of the Ten Commandments.

Let’s look at the second statement: being for capital punishment and being against abortion.  bassinet

The issue here is more than life. It is about innocent life. One life is innocent, one life has been proven not innocent in very grave matters that threaten a civil society.

criminals9When abortion is favored over capital punishment, that chooses to let the criminal live instead of the innocent; in actuality, it condemns the innocent instead of the criminal.

To decide against abortion and to favor capital punishment chooses to give life to the innocent instead of the proven incorrigible criminal in society.baby

With no death penalty, often times these criminals live to further corrupt society through the jail cell marketing of products touting their destructive personalities, often in the form of colorful biographies, and movies made on those biographies for sale to those who feed criminal minds6upon such inerrancy, once again multiplying the detriment to society. This has become such an issue that legislation has been considered that puts any profits from such dealings to families of the victims. What a vicious circle!

Let us never overlook the descriptive word of innocent.

Woe to a society which will not rid itself of crimes against humanity.

And woe to a society who sheds innocent blood!

crimial informant3– end –baby 2

This article is about SOCIETY , groups of people. If one is repentant of an abortion, there is forgiveness through Christ Jesus when we go to Him seeking that forgiveness without assuming it.  In these cases, a talk with Jesus is now the right  thing to do.

For more reading on capital punishment see:



THANKS FOR READING and continue to: Look, Listen, and Think …

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