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The article below came through on facebook and I deem it necessary to post here. I wish to make known the opinion of an experienced veterinarian.  Remember we are in a battle between good and evil and that battle can extend to animals. The article herein WILL ANIMALS BE JUDGED BY GOD is scripturally enlightening to be sure, and this veterinarian’s article is actually hands-on enlightening regarding how dogs can get caught in that battle. I do hope you will give it due consideration.

dog bigcat siamese


Caution should be extended also to cats in a home with babies. Cats and babies are seldom a good mix for several reasons. Litter boxes, face scratching, cat scratch fever and reported smothering are some of the primary ones.

With babies, an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure and we know that babies are worth far more than animals. There is no doubt that dogs can be good guardians for children; but babies are not yet children. Knowledge of this fact is essential and caution should be primary.

Please see what this veterinarian has to say:   Thanks for reading   dog blinking hounddog

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