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Political Hate Rhetoric Was Started by Liberals in 2004

Trump is not the only person the Democrats hate: They hate everyone, including Walmart shoppers like many of us, and have for years, proof is in these books published and sold back in 2004. It is both Possible and Probable that these are all  Precursors to today’s violence.  Instilling hatred incites hate crime, creating civil unrest is accessory before the facts, ,…  you name it…  if racism is pitting hatred against one group of people, then this falls into that category.   Just change the words ‘liberal/liberals’ to ‘Democrats’ in your mind. Is it time to charge presiding Democrats with Hate Crimes against President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh?  This writer thinks so… charges of slander, harassment and frivolous lawsuits ? Might there also be additional charges stemming from 2004 when these books were marketed?

hate 5         Hate Speech here?   hatered fed by liberals

hate 3  Harassment? Slander?hate 2

These books spew hatred towards Conservatism and Capitalism. Do we recall when the Obama Administration singled out Conservative and Religious groups for severe and uncalled for tax audits?  Group hatred perpetrated  If Democrats get even more power they will, in turn, pass this instilled habit of hatred upon the commoner, you and me, the tax payer, just as Walmart shoppers have already been belittled by them.  This campaign for hatred was marketed in ’04, as evidenced by these books and publishers.  They began without much opposition and now don’t know how to stop. Voters: Be forewarned.  Be forewarned before we become the only group left for them to target with their hatred. They can be expected to look down on voters who support them, for being stupid enough to let them take all our money through 90% taxes, while they live in walled mansions (Pelosi) and possibly Cuomo in NY, while they toss a few small crumbs of our own money back at us. Pelosi is not seen as doing even that for the homeless on the other side of her walls. Forewarned is forearmed.

Look, Listen & Think

It appears that the liberal controlled media are guilty of flame throwing at the right; remember it is the liberal democrats who a few years back put out the books; who planted seeds of hate speech with multiple relentless hate campaigns with the word “hate” in the titles:

The titles of those books by liberals guilty of planting seeds of hate and blame are:  The I HATE SERIES:   I HATE : Coulter; O’Reilly; Limbaugh, M.Savitch; Ashcroft; Condie Rice; The Hannity Reader; published by Thunders Mouth Press, and Da Capo Press, edited by Clint Willis.  Gee, the name Clint Willis has a familiar ring to it – could it possibly sound like Clinton, William?  These books were not published by the Right Wing.  The liberals initiated and publicized the mind set of hate.   These book were found in Barnes and Noble in ’04 and may still be found on the internet.

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