When I heard that Pope Francis was taking a stand on global warming and meeting with the leaders of our Nation, I took concern. The issue of the popes getting involved in scientific issues in the past is revelatory and something we would do well to remember and learn from.

In the Catholic school system, we learned in grade school about the processes of discovery. One of the examples they taught us was the difference between the ‘truths’ of Ptolemy and the ‘truths’ of Copernicus, one of which was not truth at all. Attempting research on the issue, I found that the current issue of Pope Francis getting involved politically with global warming has recently been covered, and covered quite well.

I post that link here for you, my readers. This author has done a good job, no sense in my re-inventing the wheel. This reasoning is best applied to areas outside of global warming. It could almost become a ‘separation of church and state’ issue regarding the Pope intentionally interfering in our politics.

When JFK, the only other Catholic President, aspired to run for President many feared the Pope would then be running our country. Although that may not have been the case during JFK’s term, in my opinion those warnings are now proving to be prophetic in our time. Now, I ask: Is Rome running America from the Vatican?


Happy reading ! And: Remember to Look, Listen AND Think, as you read….

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