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  The Narrative 

I am lost tonight in this chaotic fog
As fear consumes the masses’ eyes
And breaks their flaccid cognizance 

They confuse theatrics with truth
And openly exchange wrong for right
I weep for them, they don’t even fight

The proverbial cattle graze on lying cud
Blindly accepting the foulest rancor
While innocence is deprived from youth

I cry out in this echoing tunnel
Truth pierces their ears in searing pain
Hearing but refusing to listen

An anemic narrative they clench tightly 
Holding on to the ornate fabrication 
The sheep prance to slaughter

I pray one day soon the Light they’d see
Before all is gone and life is rewritten

                            -  © (2021) Joseph Crain

Used with permission from author – Mr. Crain says feel free to share