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Greed & Gingrich


–  Mary A. LaClair

To help solve America’s problems, Greed needs to be eliminated from the top down. It needs to be eliminated in these places:

  1. Government employees; i.e. Politics
  2. Heads of corporations
  3. People who think they are more important than they are

I believe the fact that Gingrich accepted at least $1M from Freddie Mac, even as a private consultant, is inexcusable in my mind. Obviously his consulting did no good because Freddie Mac has failed miserably. I believe Gingrich is part of the problem and falls into the third category above, therefore, I believe he will only be a part of the continuing problem without offering a solution and encourage others to be greedy by example. We need to recognize and end greed, not recognize and accept it.

I believe that his idea of allowing child labor is absolutely abhorrent. Child labor laws were instituted for a reason. How many others see this as an open door to future child abuse? Does he expect children to know when the law is being exceeded, or when ‘the envelope is being pushed’ in regard to their labor? Not all adults are nice. It would be unreasonable for anyone to expect otherwise. Some gym teachers can be sadistic. Too many adults are expecting children to be adults before their time. This cannot be denied: just look at toddlers and tiaras, child sex abuse, etc…this is all the fault of misguided adults, and sometimes sick-o-s.

Where ever limits are found, even in marriages, limits always have a way of getting stretched.

Gingrich seems to have stretched the limits in his marriages and in his consulting fees.

I would not let Newt baby-sit my children for one hour!

I do not like his ideas on new National child labor laws of any kind!