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If you are subscribed to The Proverbs 120 Column articles, you’ve already seen this; It is shared here for those who are subscribed only to the secular site; but I deemed it worthy to share here:  Please enjoy and may your heart be warmed and your spirit inspired:


What?  You say how can God know where you are at all times, does He really keep track of you?

Does your GPS keep track of you and know where you are at all times?

How can God hear me, or you, when we call, with so many people on earth?

Does a smart phone hear you when you call…and even give answers to a myriad of questions instantly?

Look in any parking lot, your key fob does not open or start anyone else’s car.

Again in any parking lot or large crowd, see how many cell phones are in operation yet no signals get mixed up.

Can God do any less, we ask?


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DWELLING IN GREENER PASTURES – by Mary Adele LaClair The folks who say that the 20’s and 30’s are the ‘best times of our lives’, many times are deceiving us, not always, but often. Those years can be the most unsettled, frustrating years. If we can just get through that period, life does […]

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