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U.S. Muslims, Mosques, Voting Results, Camels and Tents

America was founded and established as a refuge for people being oppressed and persecuted by the laws in their own countries. America is NOT founded for the purpose of establishing the laws of other countries here on this soil. When your religius laws contradict ur National laws, our National laws will rule. Period. Continue reading

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God By Any Other Name Is Not Allah

I have since used the same approach with a man who said God was God and it didn’t matter what we called Him, Allah, Budda or Krishna; funny thing, Jim wouldn’t answer when I called him “Bill” during the course of that evening. God by any other name is not Allah. Continue reading

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No Large Mosque Here, Anywhere

$100M Mosque with questionable foreign financing does not belong here. it is letting neighbors with questionable relatives put their large screen tv in your home. Freedom and anarchy are not the same. Freedom contains the ability to say NO without having to give a reason. Let us maintain our sanity and our wisdom before we are seen as weak and gullible for those are reasons that others hate freedom. Continue reading

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