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Michael Sam’s Football ‘Coming Out’ Statement

Could it be that he was looking for a reason to be selected as a minority for the NFL; or to have an excuse to plead ‘homophobia’ if he is not football_-_padsselected? Continue reading

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Are We ALL Children of God?

A friend called me after having had a discussion on a current hot topic with her sister. Her sister had made a retaliating statement, “After all, we are all children of God.” The sister was claiming that criminals and terrorists were, after all, children of God, too.
They were both so adamant that my friend felt she had to finally just hand up on her sister. My friend was naturally repulsed. Needless to say she was looking for consolation and support for the viewpoint which she knew to be right; but, had neither the resources nor the strength to argue at that moment.
My immediate statement to her was, “I remember when I was not a child of God because I remember when I became one, don’t you?”
“Well, of COURSE!”, she said.

It is an individual choice, not an ideology. Continue reading

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PEDDLING MILQUE TOAST CHRISTIANITY TO YOUTH WHO NEED MORE – M. LaClair I want to use your house telephone to call my parents in Arizona,” called the strange youth from across the road. “Yeah, sure, are you crazy or what?”, … Continue reading

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