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                        – Mary A. LaClair

There is an old-time inspirational ballad entitled “The Deck of Cards” and I found it recently on the web. This piece of old tells of a Korean War soldier (updated to be Afghanistan) who was arrested for playing cards in church. He had been on the march for six days and had no Bible and no prayer book. When brought before the Provost Marshall he said “I have much to say and I hope to impress you with the purity of my intentions.”  He used the deck of cards to recall many religious things. The Ace reminded him there is but One God.; the two reminded him of the 2 testaments of the Bible; the ‘trey’ for the Trinity, the four for the four gospels, five for five wise virgins who trimmed their lamps; the six reminded him of the six days in which the world was made; and on the seventh day He rested; there were eight righteous saved when He destroyed this earth: Noah, his wife, their three sons and their wives; nine out of ten lepers didn’t even thank Him for curing them; the ten reminded him there are Ten Commandments, the King for the King of Glory, the Queen for the Virgin Mary, and the Jack or the Knave for the devil. I would hope that a Church going soldier today would both give and get as much respect and honor.

This inspirational incident was memorialized years ago when it was set to music and titled “The Deck of Cards”.  http://thegentleshepherd.net/SoldiersDeckOfCards.html

Of course the enemy had to come up with a contradiction to this memorial. It was called The Red Deck of Cards. In this, the enemy blatantly revealed the ‘scheme’ to conquer America.  I first remember hearing each of these poetic works on one old RCA 78 rpm recording, The Deck of Cards on one side; The Red Deck of Cards on the other side of this old wax disc.

We are exhorted in Scripture ‘to know thine enemy’, therefore it is worthwhile to review his tactics as revealed back then. I was fortunate enough to find a dealer in old Victrola machines and he let me play my old 78 rpm on his machine twelve years ago while I recorded it on my pocket recorder. Thus retrieved —                

The Red Deck of Cards in part relates this:

During the last days of the prisoner exchange a soldier told how the Communists had used the deck of cards to try to teach their false doctrine to the prisoners. The Ace represented that there was one god – the State.

In this season of presidential election, I see some candidates campaign as if they think we want Federal Government alias ‘the State’ to become God!  Why it  even will take care of us right up to the grave! (…if there is anything left over after taxes)

The number three, or the trey, represented what they called three religious superstitions which the Communists aimed to destroy: Catholic, Protestant and Jewish. The seven was for the seventh day which they thought was foolishly wasted on our God. The nine was for the whip cat ‘o nine tails across the backs of those who prayed. The ten, for the ten stupid commandments which capitalist fools believed in.

The missing numbers for the RED DECK OF CARDS may also be found on the web. You, too, may hear it as recited by Red River Dave back in 1954 and hear it more completely.  http://www.authentichistory.com/1946-1960/2-korea/3-music/19540000_The_Red_Deck_of_Cards-Red_River_Dave.html

Flashbacks occur and relate to this Communist concept as outlined in The Red Deck of Cards with reports on the removal of the Ten Commandments monument in Texas. Judge Moore’s fight was not just for himself but for the future of our Country. I’m sure you can think of other, more recent comparisons.

Communist leader Nikita Kruschev once proclaimed that America couldn’t be beaten in war so they would try to conquer us from within – – corrupt their morals and they will fall like Ancient Rome. The Communists also predicted that America would pay for its own destruction. One of the ways they would attempt this would be to get Americans fully dependent upon the Government, as if Government was God,  and then pull-the-rug-out from under the people. ‘Every freedom has a responsibility; when we surrender a responsibilty we relinquish and surrender the corresponding freedom.’  Give the State most of your money and let the State take care of you. Right!  NOT!!

If our Government grants a ‘right’, it can also take it away. Our Constitution cites certain ‘inalienable rights’ which cannot be ‘alienated’, or taken away from us, because they are God granted rights, gifts from the Giver of life. Mess with them and you mess with the Creator. Among these rights are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness….for us and for our posterity. This was understood by our Founding Fathers.

Have we drifted to the point we are ‘messing with God’? Can we but expect His judgment when we move out from under the protection of the umbrella God?
Do people in this election want Government to be God? It seems that way to  me. I prefer the candidate who knows how to create private sector jobs. Let him who will not work, not eat, says the Good Book.  There is a difference between ‘will not’ and ‘can not’.

It is recorded that President Lincoln prayed “God protect us from our enemies both from without, and from within“. It is time for us to make this the individual prayer of each of us, and to do so before election time. In addition we MUST cast a well informed vote. Ignorance is not bliss!  God said, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge”. (Hosea 4:6)