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Why America Is Obese And Ways Government Can Eliminate Obesity in American Youth.

  1. Make our streets safe so children can again go outside and play and ride their bikes without fear of perverts.
  2. Some Americans are so soft on crime that the criminals ruin the streets while the      innocent must imprison themselves in their homes for safety. No wonder they are getting fat.
  3. Re-criminalize all kinds of pornography, real and virtual. Clean up sex on TV and the movies, in other words, stop feeding perverts with perversion. Go back to  #1
  4. Eliminate crime by punishing child abusers so that they can’t do it again. It is      because of misguided bleeding hearts that level three sex offenders are given a chance to do it again, just because they ‘might’ have changed when police departments know that  it is not a case of ‘if’ but a case of ‘when’ they will victimize again.  The recidivism rate amongst sex offenders is unacceptable. Go back to #3
  5. While some cry to disarm people of guns, many more cry to disarm rapists of their weapon of choice. Disarm the rapists. Men give up their sexuality voluntarily in sex change operations and homosexuality and think that we must accept it. Well, accept the fact that, just like a gun, the state will take a man’s sexuality when he uses it  criminally.
  6. Lower taxes so there can be more stay-at-home moms who will have the time to fix      nutritious home cooked meals instead of feeding children and families with      prepared boxed food laden with preservatives, fats, sugars, and high prices because both parents must work in order to pay taxes. Lower college tuition. Make College education more affordable to those willing to learn. Eliminate greed in college officials. No one is irreplaceable and good teachers should not ‘bleed’ the students out of their own need for greed.

In short, get tough on sex crimes, lower taxes and realize that true freedom is the freedom to say NO to pornography in all forms. Freedom to choose means just that – the freedom to say NO to bad things. When this Nation learns to say NO, then it will regain some of its lost   freedom.America is becoming a garbage dump of immorality which leads to crime, multiple victims and yes, even obesity.

Americais a land of refuge.  Muslims do not need refuge from their own country. Send them back and close the door. We will have no part of their efforts of forcing their laws of disparity and inequity for the female through Sharia Law.

There is freedom to say “No.”   Say it. Say it often.