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U.S. Muslims, Mosques, Voting Results, Camels and Tents


                                                                                    – Mary A. LaClair

              Muslims have proven to me to be blatantly hypocritical.  Both  radical Islam and the self proclaimed peaceful Islam have been further exposed, to me at least, as the false religion that it is. Let me explain with some examples. Muslims in Murfreesboro,TN tried to garner the sympathy of TV viewers regarding the demonstrations against their attempted building of a mosque in that community. A spokesman for the Muslims was seen walking over green grass while saying “America is a beautiful country.” He wasn’t walking on sand. The picture was set to be unarguable. Sure America is a beautiful country.

But America shouldn’t be beautiful to a Muslim. It should be a den of sin to Muslims because they believe in keeping women hidden behind burqas, with only faces or eyes showing while American women are walking around in mini-skirts and low cut tops. Sure America is a beautiful country. Many (FX), not all, female news anchors appear to have to meet the ‘show skin’ dress code, presumably to attract male viewers. This should offend all Muslims as a violation of their principles, yet they thinkAmericais a beautiful country. Of course! We have beautiful women and we don’t veil them. Therefore I find even the currently quiet Muslims hypocritical because they should find many American customs against their religion; yet, on their holiday they worship in the very New York City streets where our women are seen; and even sometimes too much of a woman is seen. I say they are blatantly hypocritical. Beware of white washed sepulchers. Being able to practice their religion here cannot be their main agenda because their religious beliefs should make them very uncomfortable with our way of life. Yet they ‘say’ they like our country. Who are they fooling?

A supposed peaceful Muslim, Muneer Awad has filed suit against the State of Oklahoma  “seeking a restraining order and preliminary injunction to prevent Oklahoma from certifying election results for State Question 755.”

The ruling of State Question 755 amends Article 7, Section 1 of the Oklahoma constitution, which was described on the ballot to voters, as a directive to state courts to “rely on federal and state law when deciding cases.” The description stated that the amendment would “forbid courts from considering or using international law.” It would also, Muneer said, “forbid courts from considering or using Sharia Law.”

An article from the AP wire appearing in our paper 5/13/2011 states: “…Muneer Awad, who heads the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Oklahoma, has failed to show how the proposed amendment adversely affects his Muslim faith. Awad says the measure, if enacted, would invalidate his will…”

They know the idiom of “when the camel gets his nose under the tent”, and we’d best refresh ourselves of its meaning. “First the camel gets his nose under the tent, followed by the head, then the neck and back, then the whole body until finally when he rises to his feet, he brings the tent down around him.”

Muneer Awad and his clan need to know that America was founded as a refuge for people who were being oppressed and persecuted by the laws in their own countries. America is NOT founded for the purpose of establishing the laws of other countries here on this soil. We will NOT have women being oppressed by Sharia Law in this country. Awad was NOT oppressed in his own country so perhaps he’d better return to his native land which has the laws he does like. I’ll personally send some grass seed with him, but he’d probably feed it to his camel. America, love it or leave it.

When your religious laws contradict our National laws, OUR National laws will rule. Period.

Incidentally, I don’t find it coincidental that the words “camel” and “tent” were chosen for this wise old saying.

It certainly adds new meaning to us here in America today!

  muslims listen up                                                                                                       –end