Pakistan: Friend or Foe?


When did you buy towels last?  Look to see where they are made. If they are made in Pakistan, I walk away and leave them in the store.                 towels 1   towels 2

It is possible to find towels and sheets made in INDIA, they are a Democracy at least, and don’t harbor terrorists who are set on destroying Americans and America.

I have a question:  Does the USA send cotton and textiles to Pakistan so they can make towels which they sell back to us?  I wouldn’t be surprised.

Rand Paul is right.  And, I believe he and Trump know what they are doing.

UPDATE:  A source for MADE IN USA TOWELS just came in !!  ( 1/16/2018)

Thank you to the sender!  —-

Click on MORE for the information on MADE IN USA TOWELS: 



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    Made in USA Biannual Towel Sale!
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It is time for our biannual towel sale!

These towels are impressively thick and soft. The way fine towels used to be, are still made right here!

The Millennium in navy, marine blue, redwood (burgundy), hunter, and coco colors. The Magnificence in white and linen. Both are made at the last great towel mill in our nation.

We buy the towels directly, and are the only source of the color towels that can guarantee they are Made in USA.

Check them out here:

Link to Made in Towel Sale (

Somedays, I wonder what history will tell about our great nation. A shining light of freedom, that fumbled the economic ball so badly that leadership was handed to Asia on a silver platter? Not while I still draw breath.

Made in USA for our jobs, for our people, and for freedom!



Todd Lipscomb

Founder of


January 15th, 2018

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