– by  Mary A. LaClair — Nov. 2011

 Telephone fund raisers for political causes started arriving in the middle of 2011 for the 2012 elections, and solicitations can only be expected to increase as we get more into the New Year and the campaigns go into full swing. Occurrences will be to the point of ad nauseum.  Each message seems to plant the seeds of fear, but your contribution or mine would almost guarantee freedom from that fear –   fear of ‘the other’ party (no matter whose), messing things up even more. It almost sounds as if our one contribution is able to ‘buy’ the election with the way they try to convince us to give money.

My reply to them is five fold:

A.     I vote for the people whom I think best represent me, I pay my taxes, my taxes pay them, I will not pay them twice to do the job they were elected to do. They should have at least put a dent into the problems.  I haven’t seen that yet.  No I won’t pay them twice. Their retirement pensions are much too high now. Furthermore, sex scandals would seem to imply too much personal time, not enough work time.

B.   Throwing money at America’s problems won’t solve them because our problems are moral at the root.

C.   The problems of this Nation won’t get solved until:

1. …we re-criminalize pornography —

2.  …we stop honoring same sex unions of any kind —

3.  …we get the abortion issue right —

4.  …greed and corruption in high places is eliminated  —

5.  …we put the school prayer back just as it was written long ago…

And I will add herein:

  1.   …until we treat violent rapists and child abusers like murderers; because they do indeed steal a life.

When these issues are properly taken care of, we will be on the right track once again.

And this message will be the continued message that I deliver to any paid callers looking for political fund raising from either major party. Throwing money at issues is not a substitute for lack of practicing good ‘ole common sense at all levels.

“I understand, ‘mam, but would a $75 or $25 gift be more realistic for you?” … etc.


  1. Del S.

    I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks for putting it into words.
    ….for the first time I find myself eagerly awaiting my first political tele-marketing call! I will try to do this also. Thanks.



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